Job Description

Imagine a role where you can single handedly drive the company brand and business results.

Where you can use your innate curiosity and interest in learning more about everything and everyone you meet to better your organization and the community.

A role where your social savvy makes you a fearless and ambitious networker who is obsessed with seeking out opportunities to make meaningful contacts, grow our brand and drive our business.

A position where success is that everyone who is involved in recruitment in Phoenix knows your name.

Are you ready to serve as our community brand ambassador representing us everywhere and anywhere that employers and job seekers are across the valley?

We’re looking for a passionate, driven and relentless go-getter who wants to change the way Phoenix thinks about recruiting.

This role requires someone who is willing to take chances, maintain existing connections around our community and is constantly seeking new ways to get out our name in the community.  

How you will drive the brand across the Valley of the Sun:

  • Scour the depths of the internet to find every relevant association and networking event where recruiters and HR professionals congregate.  Then be there (wearing your logo-ed shirt).
  • Use your sense of adventure to immerse yourself in the community to expand our brand presence, ignite interest in our products and services and establish opportunities for partnership.
  • Redefine buzz marketing by ensuring that, wherever and whenever recruiters and job seekers are talking, our company name is a part of their equation for success.  Your challenge: make our brands the ‘Google’ of recruiting and jobs. Then you’ll know #wevemadeit #andstillgoing.

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